Box Top for Education Collection


Our next Box Top collection drive is coming up soon! The collection duedates are October 15 & February 15.


Facts about Box Tops for Education:

  • Box Tops is one of America’s largest school earnings loyalty programs

  • Box Tops can be collected from hundreds of products

  • Each Box Top that you collect is worth 10 cents to CIAS

  • CIAS uses all the money that earned from Box Tops to invest in technology and computers for students

  • You can send/bring in Box Tops to CIAS anytime

  • The "mail-in" dates for Box Tops are in December and April

  • Join Box Tops as a member and you will receive coupons, free samples, bonus Box Tops offers, and more details about your school earnings

  • Volunteers are always appreciated around the shipment dates for counting, packing, and mailing.

  • Find out more at Box Tops for Education


Proboards Message Forum


All important and updated information that is sent out by email to CIAS families is cross-posted on our Proboard Message Boards. Check it out HERE!

Need Tutoring?


We are just starting our school year and scheduling tutoring lessons for all students who want or need them. If you want a tutoring slot with one of our wonderful CIAS tutors, call the school office and let Mrs. Htchinson know what you need!



CIAS Yearbooks


We create our yearly yearbooks on Shutterfly, then make them available for you to purchase. If you have attended the CIAS Campus School, you will want to purchase one to commemorate all the great memories that you have made with your friends and teachers at CIAS. Check them out!


We Are Growing!


CIAS completed the creation of a new 500 square foot classroom and restroom in the 2016-17 school year and will be beginning construction on a new parking lot and handicap parking and accessibility in the summer of 2017.

We are blessed to have this new classroom to host all our group classes and meetings.














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