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CIAS prepares professional transcripts that record all academic grades, attendance, unweighted/weighted GPAs, scholastic achievements, standardized testing results, honor society memberships, extracurricular activities, and much more.


The High School Transcript is typically prepared when a student enters high school. We can also prepare a Middle School Transcript upon request.

Transcripts normally start getting mailed out to colleges and universities towards the end of the junior year and several times during the senior year, depending on the institution's enrollment schedule and procedures.


Transcript Requests


If you are a CIAS student or alumni, and need to have your transcript mailed to you or to an educational institution, please send us $10 via Paypal (click on link below or call the school office at 850-457-4058 with credit/debit info) and email the office at to request that a transcript be sent out. Please provide an address for mailing.

A two-week advanced notice is policy for all transcript requests.


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